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  • funnybone posted 3386 days ago
  • well i got mine for the exact ammount i had to pay in...lol...thanks for the votes ... hey man tell some more jokes ..i miss hearing you
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  • buttplug posted 3408 days ago
  • I'm alive, barely. When is my 'stimulus' check gonna get here???
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  • funnybone posted 3408 days ago
  • hey how u been ?
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  • funnybone posted 3521 days ago
  • hey buttplug thanks for the great compliments
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  • funnybone posted 3522 days ago
  • i checked all of your new jokes and voted on them
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  • funnybone posted 3523 days ago
  • hey bplug check out all my new jokes .. i have 88 alltogether now
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  • funnybone posted 3524 days ago
  • oops i was on hubbys laptop again and didnt know it was logged to his id....lol so hubbys a fan too ...lol
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  • buttplug posted 3527 days ago
  • Galieth, thanks man. Guiding me around in computer world. I'll get to it soon enuf.

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  • Galieth posted 3528 days ago
  • To add someone to your Favorite performers, hit the "I'm a fan" button on and of there jokes. it is located in the about the performer box next to the joke. Also if you wish to favorite a joke you can click on the "Add to my favorites" underneath the jokes.
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  • buttplug posted 3533 days ago
  • OK, I fixed it. You all can read my lame bio now. Hugz and kisses on this Valentines Day. Spread the love....

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  • buttplug posted 3557 days ago
  • This is buttplug checking in. Geez! This site gives me no 'post it' icon to add any favorite performers (captianhilariousness) or give a profle.

    No problem. Computer spaz? who cares?

About me

Born in the South End of Chicago in the mid 50s, then in the mid 60s out to Seattle as the old man gets hired by Boeing. Was once a pre-med student who became disenchanted but the world of music business picked me up. From hosting Soundgarden's first gig ever to managing a Grammy nomination for the Burning Spear reggae band and a zillion other stories. Oh yes, politics is in my realm as I have run for city council in Seattle. soccer I play very well. RocknRoll is part of my trip. www.myspace.com/x15 will give a taste. I don't know what the heck to say... Oh well, just check out my recorded humor.

What I think is funny

A kick in the nuts? "That's about as funny as a..." Dry humor in the British type way. Monty Python, Marty Feldman of course. Also, master story telling ie: Jonathan Winters. Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Phyllis Diller, Dom DeLuise, Bob Newhart (the master of the phone call), Don Rickles, Ron White, Tammy Pescatelli, Wanda Sykes, all comedians. Of course, topical stuff that is the job of comedians to keep the public aware of the realities of life. OK, got a new one i am a fan of!!!! drum roll!!!! Swami Beyondananda!!!!!!!!!! i like his ethereal observational humor...



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