"Puzzled Sister"

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1:02 - Grandma will love this joke. - 12/06/07

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View buttc's profile
  • buttc posted 3447 days ago
  • that was funny was that a real girl or was that you?
View Canucklehead's profile
  • Canucklehead posted 3454 days ago
  • Canucklehead: huge fan of the ...
View Canucklehead's profile
  • Canucklehead posted 3454 days ago
  • oh crap, i'm drunk, toget = tiger. I wouldn't mention it but it is sorta important to what I was trying to say. You know what ... forget it ...
View Canucklehead's profile
  • Canucklehead posted 3454 days ago
  • I understand you are the big winner and all, but frosted flakes are not the same as corn flakes. unlike the pillar of wisdom ' mandk519' I will not accuse you of being homosexual. (not that there is anything wrong with that) but that whole toget thing and corn flakes, well .. it is a little important to the joke. meh - that is all.
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View funnybunny's profile
  • funnybunny posted 3465 days ago
  • u Suck soooooooooooooo....badly seriously.....u r a Useless sucker
View sara sirrine's profile
View StabbyTheClown's profile
View Dennis Marks's profile
  • Dennis Marks posted 3504 days ago
  • LOL - Captain Hilariousness, you made me almost wet myself!
View The Duke's profile
  • The Duke posted 3504 days ago
  • Funny stuff. Keep 'em coming
View Palley's profile
  • Palley posted 3504 days ago
  • Wow! love your voices Captain Hilariousness. I especially love your Christopher Walken jokes! Tell more
View tasteslikechicken's profile
  • tasteslikechicken posted 3504 days ago
  • LOL! You ROCK, my friend!!!! Way to go. I can't wait for you to tell more; so keep 'em comin', Cap'n!
View mspkrgddss's profile
  • mspkrgddss posted 3527 days ago
  • wow you are tooo good... lmaooooo
View RareBlueMonkey's profile