"Honk If You Love Jesus"

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2:07 - Grandma will love this joke. - 09/09/08

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View Misty1's profile
  • Misty1 posted 2273 days ago
  • Now thats a funny joke right there!!! My new fav..lol
View phlash's profile
  • phlash posted 2964 days ago
  • true story, my brother was in his car at a light next to the left turn lane and next to a car with a "honk if you love Jesus" sticker, another car pulls up behind the "honk" car and taps his horn, the guy in front leans out and yells, " The gawdam light's still red!"
View buttplug's profile
  • buttplug posted 3137 days ago
  • What would Jesus do? I think you just did it!!!
View Election 2008's profile
  • Election 2008 posted 3153 days ago
  • Thanks for the link! Added to the list of politics jokes, along with FOGGY's oldie but goodie!

View kgosser's profile
  • kgosser posted 3176 days ago
  • What a great rant joke, lol.
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View Scotch's profile
  • Scotch posted 3180 days ago
  • praise the lord, sister & a-the-hell-men! By the way, Sarah, I can't wait to see you debate Biden.