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About me

I was born on a cold November afternoon in November a long time ago..48 years to be exact...grew up in Ohio and still haven't stopped growing..I am a buckeye and a real nut .. I love to make people laugh ..I always have...... I do tech support for high speed internet .. one can really get alot of laughs from that as well.. like the lady who called me and says, I am having problems with my microscope internet or the customer whose name is Harry Winklespecht, for can be a riot

What I think is funny

Inhaling helium and singing tunes from the Wizard Of Oz.... Messing with Telemarketers.... Tearing the tags off mattresses ..even though its under penalty of law.... Men with breasts....Prostate Exams .. The backless gowns they make you wear in the emergency room, and then the restroom is in plain view of the waiting area.. the way George Bush says Nukulur...The way a mans waist gets higher as he ages..and how his ears grow and get covered with wild hairs...